Lively Smoothie

I got the idea for this one from Wheatsville Deli’s Lively Beets and Carrots, a dish consisting of raw, grated beets and carrots with a little vinegar and not much else. While this super simple slaw is no doubt healthy, I find it a bit much to down on its own. I often have it with their Cajun-flavored Lemon Baked Catfish, but rarely can I finish off a whole half pound of the stuff. So I started making it into smoothies.

One thing led to another, and now I drink this Lively Smoothie regularly! It’s a little tangy, but sweet, packing a bit of a punch–a great way to start the day! And still super healthy!

1/2 cup grated raw carrots and beets
1 banana
1/2 cup orange juice
splash almond milk
squirt agave nectar
1 heaping tsp almond butter
4 cubes frozen pineapples
4 frozen blueberries


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