Stella’s Green Bean Salad

We grow our own green beans in our allotment garden, conveniently located a block and a half down the street.  By this time of year, we have a nice harvest of the stringy green little guys, and it’s often a challenge to think of new ways to prepare them. In addition to The Shiksa’s Ligurian Pasta Trenette, this is one of my favorite green bean dishes.  Give it a try and see if you don’t agree!

2 cups green beans
2 rashers of bacon
1/4 of a shallot, finely sliced
1/2 cup chopped cremini mushrooms
2 standard pats of butter
2 cups mixed greens or your favorite salad leaves

1. Over medium heat, fry bacon in one pat of butter. Meanwhile, start a pot of water boiling and wash your green beans. Snip off a bit the stem-ends or any brown areas.

2. Put beans into boiling water and leave for three minutes. Meanwhile, remove cooked bacon onto paper towels to drain. Pour excess bacon grease from pan (keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge for future use!), leaving just a little, and add the other pat of butter. Gently sautée shallots and mushrooms, stirring frequently.

3. Once beans have been boiled for three minutes (they should be bright green and tender but not limp), drain them and place them in with the shallots and mushrooms. Stir for about about two minutes, making sure the beans are well mixed in and evenly cooked.

4. Serve green bean mixture over mixed greens (I used baby leaves here) and serve immediately.

Serves two.

To make a veg*n version, substitute olive oil for butter and toasted walnuts or pecans for bacon!

Enjoyed for dinner with leftover Brie, walnut, and apricot preserve tartine, from Blue Dahlia Bistro – with grapes for dessert!


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