Review: Enchiladas Y Mas

Enchiladas Y Mas is one of those places that often pops up in Austinites’ conversations about “the best enchiladas,” followed quickly by jokes about “y mas” and then, if you’re really unlucky, Bed, Bath, and Beyoooooond.  But I digress.

This is going to be a comparatively short review.

I have only been to Enchiladas Y Mas twice.  The first time, in 2008 or 2009, I was vegan.  I met a friend there, and he ordered a huge, cheesy, greasy plate of enchiladas.  I had nachos.  Without cheese.  Or meat, obviously.  Or sour cream (God, have I mentioned how much I love sour cream?  I can literally eat it with a spoon!).

But this time I was determine to do it right.

I couldn’t resist ordering the straight-up Tex-Mex cheese enchilada plate; that’s “Enchiladas con queso” on the menu, and comes topped with chile con carne sauce, chopped onions, and industrial strength yellow cheese.  Just like it should be.  Eric ordered the cheese enchiladas with verde sauce, of which I also snuck a sample.  Since I didn’t eat anything but chips and salsa (standard, just right) and enchiladas, that’s all I am qualified to comment on, but damn if they weren’t tasty!

Although I think Polvo’s is overrated in general, I love their cheese enchiladas with poblana sauce.  On the more Mexican side of Tex-Mex, I enjoy the passable (and cheap!) plates at Janitzio and Taqueria Arandas No. 5.  Though I have a special, nostalgic place in my heart for Anglo Tex-Mex museum El Patio, I think Matt’s El Rancho is pretty terrible (wonderful childhood memories notwithstanding).  And I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Maudie’s, Curra’s, Chuy’s, or many of the other local enchilada standbys.

So I was pleasantly surprised when my classic cheese enchiladas arrived, and they were well-nigh perfect.  Warm, oozing, yellow cheese?  Check.  Slightly spiced, kind of thick, cumin-y sauce?  Check. Generously included, well seasoned, tender beef?  Check.  Tasty corn tortillas nicely rolled and smothered in sauce?  Check.  Nearly-raw chopped onions sprinkled atop?  Check.  Jaw-smacking, flavorful refried beans?  Check.  Slightly dry, well-cooked, seasoned Spanish rice?  Check.  A pool of grease around the edges of the plate?  Check!

I could eat this meal every single day for the rest of my life.  (It might not be a long one, though…)

Eric’s cheese enchiladas with salsa verde and grated white Cheddar were also excellent.  He ate everything on his plate!  (If you know him, you know this means he reallyenjoyed it.)  He was even more delighted by the fact that Enchiladas Y Mas serves ice cold Shiners.

We stopped in on a Friday night.  We were almost put off by the line, and ended up waiting a good fifteen minutes, but it was worth it.  There’s a line for a reason.  We were ushered into a brightly lit table in the large central dining room.  The decor is pretty typical and nondescript.  It’s a bit too bright for my liking, but, on the other hand, I like to see my enchiladas (and take photos of them).  The service was good–attentive but non-intrusive.  There was another fifteen minute wait for the enchiladas, but of course that is a good sign.  Did I mention it was definitely worth the wait?

So the moral of this story is: you probably won’t be able to just pop into Enchiladas Y Mas, especially at a busy time like a weekend evening, but you will get a delicious, freshly cooked plate of absolutely delectable enchiladas.  Note that the enchiladas range from $6.25 to $8.00, and rice an beans aren’t included in this price–they are $1.50 extra (for both).  I am not a fan of this kind of pricing, but for less than $10, it was still a deal in my book.

Also, don’t go to Enchiladas Y Mas and order vegan nachos.  You may have to wait a half hour for your dinner, but don’t be stupid and make yourself wait two years to try these cheese enchiladas.  D’oh!

I am still on the lookout for the Ultimate Cheese Enchilada Plate, but, for now, Enchiladas Y Mas is my number one destination.  I don’t want to say they have the best enchiladas in town, because there are about 4,208 other places I haven’t tried yet, but–they’re really, really good.

Enchiladas Y Mas
1911 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757


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