Homemade pulled pork salad

I bought a four pound pork shoulder at Central Market for $11.41, and, adapting several recipes from the old Internet, came up with this one.  I used a lot of spices (cumin, chili powder, paprika), garlic, and Texas oranges that were on sale.  I cooked that sucker for about twelve hours.

Slow cooked pork (especially a tough cut like shoulder) may be the perfect meat for me.  I tend to be paranoid, and thus overcook meat.  However, pulled pork just gets better and better the longer you cook it!  Twelve hours resulted in a tender, falling apart hunk of meat.  I had this salad for dinner–chopped lettuce, pulled pork, red bell peppers, orange slices, and a drizzle of Hal’s Hot Love.  And I have four more portions of same for lunch this week!

I will definitely make this again.


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