The Taco Experiment is TOMORROW!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be the blogger guest judge at tomorrow’s Brooklyn Brewery-sponsored Taco Experiment, along with local professionals Addie Broyles, Virginia Wood, Claudia Alarcon, and Aaron and Stacy Franklin (I know, right?!).

I won this honor by lottery, thanks to my participation in the 2012 City Guide put together by the Austin Food Blogger Alliance.  If you haven’t read my round-up of Austin Middle Eastern eateries, go check it out now!

As reported by Austinist, the Taco Experiment “will feature over 20 local amateur chefs in a head to head battle for taco supremacy. The guidelines for competing are slim; ‘cheftestants’ will present one original food item representing the competition’s taco theme. Creativity is a main ingredient, so expect these tacos to run the gamut from traditional to experimental.”  Sounds scary.  And awesome.  The Food Experiments is a national, New York-based amateur cook-off operation.  Next week, they’ll be hosting a chili challenge–in Stockholm!  (I know, right?!)

Come on out and see the taco action at the ND tomorrow from noon to 3:00pm!  Tickets are $10, and the event is open to the public.  A portion of the proceeds will go towards charities that promote sustainability and local culinary education for disadvantaged children and teens.

When it was announced that I won, the Food Experiments opined on Twitter, “I wonder if StellaTex will be able to eat more than 30 tacos…”  They obviously haven’t met me.


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