Brunch at the Goodnight Diner in Wimberley, Texas

Sriracha and yogurt fried chicken with waffles. This was absolutely amazing. The crispy batter wasn’t exactly spicy, but it had a fantastic flavor and was expertly fried.

Biscuits and gravy with a fried egg (so volcanic). This was also great.

Chili and eggs (with homefries). The menu said, “You’ll love it!” so I felt compelled to try it! Turned out, it was so large and rich that it ended up being three breakfasts–for only $7.00! I do love it.

Goodnight Diner
15401 RR 12
Wimberley, TX 78686


2 thoughts on “Brunch at the Goodnight Diner in Wimberley, Texas

  1. I went there for dinner a few weeks back. A local told me not to go because it was too fancy and didn’t fit Wimberley, but It was close to my B&B so I went anyway. It was delicious with interesting combinations.

    • We enjoyed the food very much, and had good service, but had to wait over an hour for our order on a Sunday morning. There were only a handful of patrons. Overall, the place seemed a little… ad hoc. But the fried chicken was truly as tasty as reputed, and I would go there again. Everyone was very friendly, too.

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