This Week’s Eats: 08/17/12

Eric’s homemade pizza!  This time, he used whole sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, Mexican mint, oregano, parmesan, and homegrown jalapenos!  Here’s the recipe for his favorite pizza.

My usual, at Burrito Factory: two tacos al pastor, on corn, with salsa verde.

Happy hour at Zocalo!  Delicious, addictive, heavenly horchata.

Chicken chilaquiles.  Fresh and excellent.  The creamy verde sauce and sour cream queso fresco makes it.

Flan!  Beautiful.  A perfect finish.

Friday night fish and chips at Dog and Duck Pub.  Still the best in Austin.

Quick and Cheesy Corn Chowder – my latest recipe!

Fresh, local collards, washed and chopped…

Upcoming recipe: cheesy, creamed collards with toasted almonds.  I’ve made this three times in the past week.  It’s almost ready…!

The final result: grilled chicken on a bed of horseradish cheese grits with creamed collards, toasted almonds, and homegrown chiles.  As always, I used this amazing spice mix on the chicken.  I know I eat grits and spicy meats a lot, but… dang.  It’s so easy, cheap, tasty, and filling!


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