This Week’s Eats: 09/14/12

Last weekend, I went to San Antonio to watch the Longhorns game with my fellow Texas Ex Shal. While there, she treated me to dinner at Smashburger. Look at that. Highly recommended.  I went for the “build your own” burger with American cheese, grilled onions, Smash Sauce, lettuce, and a side of regular fries.

A weekday lunch: spicy pepper and oil tuna salad with wasabi seaweed. Not my usual flavor profile, but a good lunch.

My Pecan-Stuffed Delicata Squash got a lot of positive feedback, but what I didn’t tell you was that I served them with salmon cakes—recipe to follow next week!

Wednesday morning, I had a hankering for potato salad. I decided to make this one German-style. It turned out a little dry, but it was good when I ate right out of the mixing bowl, nice and warm. I turned the leftovers into an improvised dinner with ground turkey and grated Colby Jack cheese. Nothing fancy, but filling!

I guess I didn’t eat much photogenic food this week. Huh.

Hope everyone enjoys this rainy Austin weekend. I know I will. Great scotch-drinking weather. Right?


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