This Week’s Eats: 09/21/12

Believe it or not, I didn’t have any enchiladas this week!

Eric picked up some frozen salmon patties at Wheatsville this week, and I had just brought home some of these thin, whole wheat bagels (I find regular bagels are just too bread-y, and I can never eat the whole thing), so I made burgers!  I toasted the bagels then added some of my leftover Spicy Fish Sauce and thinly sliced red onion.  I pan-fried the salmon patties and, voila!

Or you could make these burgers with my Salmon Croquettes!

By the way, those are some homemade Old Bay fries.  I’ll post the recipe next week.

I also posted a quick and simple recipe for Sunday Morning Migas.

Newcastle Werewolf, on draught at Dog and Duck and Fado (this particular glass of beer was downed at the latter, during last week’s Liverpool-Sunderland match).  I really like this one.  It’s a bit nutty, pretty heavy, and has a little bite.

Of course we had Horseradish Cheese Grits again this week!  This time with crumbled bacon, sautéed green bell pepper, and fried eggs.  Mmm!

I’ve lived in Austin since 1997 (minus four years spent in the UK), and I finally made it to Quality Seafood!  This week!  We went for two dollar taco night.  I got two: one “blackened” mahi mahi (you can see it isn’t blackened) with mango salsa, and one fried shrimp with creamy verde sauce (my favorite!).  I had them both on corn.  Add one pint of Shiner, and you have a whole dinner for $6.00!

Some more adventurous friends ordered oysters.  The only time I’ve ever had oysters was when I was nine, in Mississippi, and they were fried.  I remember liking them.  But I’ve never had raw ones, and I don’t intend to.  File under: people must be eating this purely to be pretentious, right?  (Also my theory on sushi and sashimi.  Flame away, folks!)

A quick weekday breakfast: fresh blueberries and crushed pecans with a little cream and a drizzle of honey.

The #45, Bun Cha Gio Ga Nuong, at Hai Ky on the Drag.  A variation on my usual (the #83 – same thing but with fried tofu instead of chicken).  I eat half and box the rest for the following day.  Two meals for under $10.  I love this place.

I craved it, so I ate it.  And it was delicious.

Another quick breakfast: two fried eggs with blueberries, cheese, and half a bagel with a generous spread of cream cheese.

Finally, the perfect ending to a long, productive week: an Imperial pint of Shiner on the patio at Dog and Duck with friends.  Later, Eric and I split a cheeseburger, but I was too ravenous to take a picture.  We also had three pitchers total.  I think I’ll be eating light today.

Hope everyone had a good week!  Happy autumn equinox!  It’s fall, y’all!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Eats: 09/21/12

  1. Those cheese grits look amazing! Question: Do you not like runny egg yolks? Because all of your fried eggs seem to have the yolk broken and cooked hard.

    As far as raw oysters, they really, really are delicious!! This place has the best oysters on earth, usually with at least six different kinds on any given day:

    If you’re ever in San Francisco, you’ve gotta try that place. And they have plenty of delicious cooked seafood, if you can’t bring yourself to try some oysters.

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