This Week’s Eats: 11/09/12

Fried egg on sourdough toast, with hot sauce and homegrown jalapeños. Weekday brunch.

Gatee Thom Yum Gai, chicken soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, markroot, Thai hot pepper, cilantro, green onion, mushrooms, lemon juice, and chili in oil at Thai Kitchen. This stuff is so good. Not sure why I don’t go there and have it more often—like, weekly.  $8.99 for a huge pot served over an open flame, and a side of two scoops of white rice.

Gang Pet Gai, rice, lime, thai tea (they have the best Thai tea!).

Gang Pet Gai: chicken simmered in coconut milk with bamboo strips, zucchini, Thai hot-hot red curry, and Thai basil.  I’d never had this dish before, and I was very pleased.  It was pretty hot, but not unbearable; just right for you spice aficionados out there. I’ll definitely have it again sometime. $9.99 for more than I could eat.

In an effort to pretend that it hasn’t been in the mid-eighties all week, we settled in to big bowls of The Vampire Lestat’s Carbonara, with gluten free fusilli pasta.  Mmmmmmm.

Eric brought home two ears of organic corn on the cob from a recent trip to Wheatsville, and, at a loss on Wednesday night, we boiled them and ate them for dinner!  I topped mine with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and some Cholula hot sauce, and the result was surprisingly flavorful and filling.  Get on down to Wheatsville this weekend and grab some for yourself!

Believe it or not, this concludes this week’s post.  I didn’t eat much that was photograph-worthy, I guess.  I’ll try to do better next week!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Eats: 11/09/12

    • This was one a little runny. Just about right. I can handle runny if you’re having it with something that can sop it up. I just usually eat bacon and eggs, sans bread, so I don’t want a plate of runny yellow yolks.

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