Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook Pre-Sale!

AFBA Cookbook

The Austin Food Blogger Alliance cookbook is being published by the History Press in April, and I’m so excited to have one of my most popular recipes included!  If you want to know which one, you’ll have to buy the book! But those mouth-watering images above are a sneak peak of a few dishes contributed by my fellow Austin foodie bloggers.

And lucky for you, we’re currently doing a pre-sale to raise money to buy a bulk quantity of books to sell directly to members and supporters.

Addie explains:

From AFBA:

During the pre-sale campaign, books cost $25 each, plus tax, and we’re offering a sizable discount on each book if you buy at least five. We will be hosting pick-up events around the time of the book’s official launch, but we also will be shipping books to people who can’t make it to one of those events.

So, what will we do with the proceeds from the book sales? Like countless community cookbook projects before us, our cookbook will support the AFBA’s mission, which is to educate our members on how to be better bloggers, give them an opportunity to network with one another and create opportunities to raise money and awareness for other nonprofits in Austin. (We’ve raised more than $5,000 for local nonprofits, including SafePlace and Bake A Wish, in the past two years, and with the cookbook proceeds, we’ll be able to host even more of these kinds of events.)

Eventually, we’d like to add a scholarship program that gives budding food writers, photographers, bloggers and even aspiring chefs the opportunity to kickstart their careers.

AFBA Cookbook

Click here to place your order now!


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