This Week’s Eats: 02/15/13

I haven’t posted a This Week’s Eats entry in quite a while.

From now on, in addition to delicious plates from my own or my friends’ kitchens, This Week’s Eats will showcase restaurant (or diner, trailer, whatever) food that I ate and recommend, with links, prices, and minimum commentary. Consider this an endorsement.

Chicken Tortilla Ramen Soup

Chicken Tortilla Ramen Soup, East Side King at Hole in the Wall. $8.00.


Chips, salsa, and guacamole, Texas Chili Parlor. Some of the best guacamole I’ve had in Austin. $4.95 (guacamole), $2.95 (chips and salsa).

Salmon and broccoli

Cajun spiced dalmon fillet from Wheatsville basted and baked in lemon juice, served with curried cheesy broccoli with asiago.

Stuffed poblanos

Stuffed poblanos – a recipe in the testing stage. We’ve been eating a lot of these, and they are really good. What’s your favorite stuffing for a chile relleno?


E.’s scrambled eggs with cream and duck fat, plus bacon and Topo Chico.

Dinner with Laura

Low carb dinner with our friends Mike and Laura: our favorite sausage, the Niman Ranch Uncured Apple Gouda, with Laura’s amazing cauliflower mash and a side of her homemade aloo gobi.

Peshwar Martini

Speaking of Indian food, here’s my new favorite cocktail: the Peshwar Martini at Clay Pit. It is an intoxicating mix of Stoli Vanilla vodka, Frangelico, and Chambord, finished off with a cherry! Amazing.

Burrito Factory

Two tacos from that hidden gem, the Burrito Factory. One al pastor, and one chicken, both on corn tortillas with lettuce, onions, cilantro, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and sour cream. Don’t believe me? Check out their Yelp reviews! $5.00 total!


For Shrove Tuesday, a single buttermilk pancake at Kerbey Lane on the Drag, topped with gobs of whipped butter and lashings of sweet syrup. A definite treat. $3.15.

Dog and Duck

To celebrate Mardi Gras while Eric was at a pub quiz elsewhere, I settled in with an imperial pint of Newcastle Brown and some Waugh at Dog and Duck. A beautiful, solitary evening. $5.50

Fish & chips

Did I mention, I also had a small Fish and Chips plate? Ask for a side of mayo. $7.95

Dip Trio

Back where we began! The Dip Trio at Gabriel’s Cafe. Their chips are really good (but could be a tad warmer), the guacamole is fresh and flavorful, the salsa is smoky, and the queso is addictive (and it’s all gluten free!).


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