This Week’s Eats: 04/26/13

shrimp and grits

Saturday brunch: shrimp and grits at Yellow Jacket Social Club. I can’t resist some shrimp and grits.


Jamie Oliver’s Tagliatelle with Spinach, Mascarpone & Parmesan recipe, with quinoa radiatore.  Mmm.

And now, the Disappointing Meal of the Week: we went to the Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek to watch Liverpool vs. Chelsea (which, sigh), lured by the giant screen, potentially fun crowd (which, as it turned out, was about 80% Reds, so there’s that), and a “traditional English breakfast,” advertised as including two fried eggs, pork sausage, seared tomato, grilled mushroom, baked beans, and toast.”

Imagine my disappointment when, upon arrival, our server informed us that there was no English breakfast that day.  But, dry your tears, as it turns out, there is an English breakfast today!  We duly place two orders for the English breakfast.  Meanwhile, we order coffee.  We wait.  We start watching the game.  We wait.  The people in front of us get served and enjoy their migas and omelettes.  We drink more coffee and wait.  After about 35 minutes, the people on either side of us, who arrived 20 minutes after we did, get served their chips and queso.  After 45 minutes, when the people sitting behind us also get their food, we remind the server about our orders.  He mumbles something about getting it.  We wait.  And wait. We wait through half time.  It’s now been more than an hour since we initially placed the order, and everyone else in the theater has finished their food.

Finally, as the second half starts, our breakfasts arrive.  I am not impressed.English breakfast

I wasn’t expecting any blood pudding, but no toast?!  Watery beans? Anemic tomatoes? Boring frozen sausage links?  And no bacon whatsoever?!  Blasphemy.  I can’t even.  For real, y’all.  The Alamo Drafthouse usually has good food, and often has great special menus.  What were you thinking?

Also, they didn’t deduct our $10 ticket vouchers from our ticket, and we had to send it back.  I think we’ll be watching EPL from the comfort of our own living room from now on.  Or, you know, go to Fado.


Lunch at Taco Joint: two tacos, one beef sirloin street taco, and one al pastor. They have the best tortillas, and a great selection of salsas.



Continuing the breakfast theme… Homemade Horseradish Cheese Grits with Cholula, real bacon bits, and Hal’s Hot Love. This was my attempt to ameliorate my allergy-induced nasal congestion. It didn’t work, but it did make me feel better, because it was creamy and delicious.

sausage and grits

Yes, more grits. This time with those delicious Niman Ranch Uncured Apple Gouda Sausages, which I sliced, pan-fried with onions, then let simmer in white wine for a while. Served over reheated, leftover horseradish grits. Amazing.

breakfast tacos

And more breakfast! Homemade breakfast tacos with eggs, black beans, and more Hal’s.


And, finally, more tacos. Homemade tostadas with beef, Hal’s, Monterey Jack, and sour cream. I really need to think about varying my diet, no?


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