This Week’s Eats: 05/10/13

Two weeks’ worth, once again! I need to post more recipes and less recaps, and hopefully I’ll have time to do so again soon. Until then…


We finally went to Rainey Street.  At Banger’s, and at Kris’s insistence, I ordered the fried chicken sausage with braised greens, horseradish mustard, and a honey biscuit.  I was not disappointed. And their prices are reasonable, making this dinner a bit of a steal.


Of course, the Banger’s beer selection is also a draw.  I’ll never say no to an Austin Beerworks Black Thunder Schwarz (especially on draught!).


We also stopped by Craft Pride, where I couldn’t resist trying a pint of Guadalupe Brewing Company’s Texas Honey Ale. Texas honey is used in this gem with part of the proceeds benefiting Texas A&M Bee Research!  And it’s 7.32%!  If I keep drinking it, it’ll heal my allergies, right?  Positively medicinal.  Highly, highly recommended.


Our fish dish of the week was pan-fried salmon in lemon and herbs with lightly curried Brussels sprouts and buttered farfalle pasta.


Not bad at all.


We took my coworker Chaz to Burrito Factory this week, where he tried his first burrito suizo.  He actually finished it, too!


Challah and my plain chicken salad. (Not to be confused with my Southwestern Chicken Salad or my Chipotle Mayo Chicken Salad!)


The Brahman Wrap from The Green Cart, at BookPeople. A vegetarian Indian wrap, with rice, curry hummus, spinach, carrots, onions, sundried tomatoes, and corn.  Very good indeed.  We were there to see Robert Jensen talk about his new book, Arguing for Our Lives: Critical Thinking in Crisis Times, which I also highly recommend. Here’s a video of his talk.


How about some fried plantains with melted cheese and sour cream?  My friend ordered this at our recent brunch at Polvo’s, and I can see why it’s one of her favorite items.


I also ordered the chilaquiles with scrambled eggs and salsa verde.  This was fantastic, and so much food that I ate it for three breakfasts in a row.


In addition to the Fried Polenta with Creamy Mushrooms I developed this week, I also made some delicious pasta: fresh tagliatelle tossed with butter and topped with pork and venison sausage; homegrown, wilted basil and sage; parmigiano reggiano; and toasted pine nuts. Divine.


We also went to Dog and Duck Pub three times this week.  Last night, I had fish and chips.  Still the best in town, hands down.

We eat very well, and I’m grateful.  Life is good.


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