Let’s Admit the Obvious: This Blog is on Hiatus

Three posts in seven months? Using only Instagram photos? One recipe, authored by my cousin?

Yeah, this blog is on hiatus.

Since I started grad school, I just don’t have time for much of anything else, least of all this blog. Not only do I not have time to edit Flickr photos (especially since their “upgrade” made the site extremely slow-loading and tedious), I don’t even have time to cook.

I’m leaving the archive of recipes up, because I still get about 100 hits per day from search engines. Some of the recipes are actually pretty good. But there will be no new content for the foreseeable future. This makes me sad, but it’s also a bit of a relief. I was never going to be a Serious Food Blogger. I have no desire to publish a cookbook, get on TV, or “monetize” my blog. I’m neither qualified nor interested in reviewing all the hottest, overpriced Austin restaurants (with which it’s now impossible to keep up). I don’t have, nor want, nor want to be, a “brand.”

It was just for fun, because I love food. I wanted to share some of my little corner of Texas with the world, and I have. I’ve met a bunch of amazing folks, and learned a lot about cooking and tasting and photography. I’ll probably even come back to it someday.

Thanks for all the comments, tips, community and support. I’ve learned a lot–and eaten a lot. It’s been fun, so I count this blog as a success. Happy cooking and eating to all y’all!



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