, 2009-2016

I haven’t posted in years, and I barely have time to try new recipes these days. This was a fun side project for a long time–I transitioned from youthful veganism to a more thoughtful and pragmatic omnivorism, enjoyed being part of the Austin Food Blogger Association, got a recipe published in the organization’s official cookbook, judged tacos on a SXSW panel, and met tons of cool foodie folks. 

But I just don’t have time to blog anymore, and my contributions never reached the level I would have liked. I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but it’s true: I need a clone. Maybe I’ll get back into the food scene someday… Until then, follow me at @Texarchivist for an unpredictable selection of eats and drinks, and, of course, the odd food pic. I mean, I do still eat a plate of cheese enchiladas at least once a week.

Thanks to everybody who followed my mostly-delicious journey!


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