Review: Flying Falafel and Po’ boys

White rice soaked in a reduced yogurt sauce topped with roasted pine nuts and tender boneless lamb. (Only guaranteed until 3 p.m.!)

I’ve been a fan of Flying Falafel for the past couple of years, since I started stopping in for lunch occasionally during the workday.

Convenient to campus, Flying Falafel is a great place to take a diverse group of eaters because they have an unusually large and diverse menu, offering everything from New Orleans-style catfish po’ boys to shwarma plates, falafel to spanakopita.  For a Mediterreanean-o-phile, it’s heaven!

The staff are always very helpful and friendly, you can order online ahead of time for take-out, they deliver for a dollar, and the outdoor seating area with umbrellas on the Drag is a lovely spot for a leisurely lunch and some great people watching.  It also generally takes at least 10-15 minutes to get your order, but not only is it well worth it – this is a sign that the food is actually made to order.  They also aren’t too stingy with the pine nuts!

I’ve had and enjoyed the falafel, lamb and beef gyro, dolmas, hummus, labneh, and baba ghanoush – all very tasty!

Falafel wrap with potato chips.

But my new favorite dish is the menssef (also known as mansef).

The owner has been telling me for a while that I just have to try the Thursday special, a lamb and rice dish with yogurt sauce and roasted pine nuts. When I went in after work last week to pick up some take-out for dinner, she told me that it was my lucky day, because they still had some of “the most famous Jordanian dish” available! And it did not disappoint!  Let’s be honest; what’s not to love about a dish that incorporates lamb, yogurt, and pine nuts?  I’ve since enjoyed the mixed chicken and lamb and the plain chicken versions, and both are fantastic.

! بالهنا والشفا

Menssef with chicken.

Flying Falafel and Po’ Boys
2001 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78705
Neighborhood: University of Texas
(512) 494-1400


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