This Week’s Eats: 08/10/12

Gluten free, Tex-Mex flavored fried chicken, a recipe I’m developing.  It should be perfected within the next couple of weeks—just as soon as I’ve eaten my weight in the stuff!

Tasty, tasty lamb gyro and fries at Dog and Duck Pub.  The first of many meals had there this week!

Bacon.  No further comment.

Fried eggs, with lots of paprika.  Mmm.

My usual Vampire Lestat’s Carbonara, with gluten free (rice and tapioca flour) penne, sprinkled with fresh chopped, homegrown basil.

Deconstructed migas: scrambled eggs with lots of garlic and cream, plus homegrown jalapeños, atop a bed of freshly fried corn tortillas, with cilantro and cheese.

Paleo Pumpkin Pudding!

Hot Sauce Marinated Peachy Pork Stir Fry, with this delicious Vidalia onion and peach hot sauce my friend brought back from South Carolina.

Baked lemon and rosemary salmon with an extravagant, “creamed” parmesan spinach dish that I am devising for you.  Stay tuned.  It’s amazing.

Another chicken salad recipe that’s in the works!.

Quick and Cheesy Corn Chowder – this recipe will be up next week! Check back!  So easy and satisfying—another great weeknight treat.

A quick lunch on Wednesday – apple slices and two kinds of tasty cheese: mature Cheddar and a smoked apple Gouda, both from Wheatsville, of course.

The Chicken Caesar Salad at Dog and Duck.  I order it without croutons or tomatoes (gross!), but with bacon. It also includes peperoncini, black olives, red onions, crisp lettuce, and a delightfully tangy Caesar dressing.  One of my favorite lighter lunches at the pub.

When in the mood for something a little heavier, I’m partial to the cheesy fries and fried pickles, both served with a side of Ranch dressing (not so English, but totally Texan, y’all!).  These baskets were shared with a new friend (the first of two I met at ye olde Dog and Drunk this week!), so they were extra delectable.

This is an Imperial pint of Strongbow that I enjoyed while awaiting the kickoff of the USA’s gold medal match against Japan.  A bold, crisp start to a fun Thursday afternoon.

(We won.)

Thursday’s lunch special: Italian style shredded roast beef sandwich with fresh mozzarella, pepperoncinis, and sweet basil marinara, with a side of mushroom risotto.

I hear it was pretty good, especially the risotto.

Today, I cheated on the Burrito Factory.  This is the $5.00 lunch special at Niki’s Pizza in Dobie Mall: two slices and a drink.  Their pizza is really good; I didn’t realize just how good when I was a young whippersnapper.  They also have three other locations.

Finally, one more recipe that will be up soon: Green Monster Tacos.  I’ve been on a real lime and cilantro kick, and this is the final installment.  Check back next week!

Meanwhile, have a fun and relaxing weekend.


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